LPP and MPD 2021

House is one of the basic needs of the human being that allow the people to live under the sense of security. Day by day the population is increasing and it is also expected to have more than eight million populations till 2021. The affordable housing residential project is designed under the master plan Delhi 2021. The project is specially designed to provide the high-end residential units for the people in Delhi. Delhi Development Authority comes with the MPD 2021 to solve the issues which will come due to the population growth. Delhi development authority, state, and central government bring MPD 2021 plan to provide the well-designed house in Delhi.

Develop blend of living space

The huge amount of center for political activities, business place, colleges and others is available in Delhi. Delhi development authority was established in 1957 to look after the residential place needs of the growing population and to generate the new residential space and exclusive facility. If the internal development of the residential project is taken care by the group of private development then the Delhi development authority is perfect for the exterior development in a secured manner. The real estate builders develop the residential project with land pooling policy to provide the house for lower and middle-income people group.

Features of MPD 2021

The residential project is needs of about more than twenty-four lakh residential units for more than two million individuals this plan helps to cover the gap in demand of the housing units. The house comes under the land pooling policy and the builders offer the home at the affordable price that is the best solution to residents in Delhi. The subgroups have constituted with comprises of political representatives, administrators, experts, professionals and concerned departments, local bodies, and others.

The most of the import problems in meeting future needs to generate the huge amount of the residential township. So the people can find the high-quality and safe place to live. The professional teams opine that more than 24,000 hectare land to develop the residential project under the MPD 2021 to deal with the challenges of high standard living space. The land pooling policy has potential to lead to four million square feet of residential, commercial and public categories development. The real estate developer can build 1 million houses in the upcoming decade.

Model of LPP

The property owner referred as DE or PE should be eligible to help to the land pooling policy as per guidelines. The guiding principle for the master plan Delhi 2021 formulation and framework is to make Delhi as a high-class metropolis city. Diamond Multi State CGHS Ltd is one of the leading builders in the region. This plan would have the infrastructure and atmosphere to conduct the people in work with the high standard living environment and superior quality of life. With the LPA, Diamond Multi State CGHS mark the development agreement to confirm the LTC permission and also locating growth license within the specified format as well as a time limit. It is also taking part of PE to organize purchasing the land through the plan of self-financing with its associates.

Benefits of master plan Delhi 2021

The real estate developers build the residential project under the MPD 2021. DDA has notified the project layout plans for the various types of the activities such as commercial corridor, residential township, group housing projects, and others. The office and retail store spaces are an important part of the planning. According to the report, more than twenty lakh of the residential unit is built in the different zones. The master plan Delhi 2021 will create a huge range of jobs and it will also secure the flow of huge amount into the city. The DDA new land pooling policy allows the builders to acquire land from the property owners and farmers. This policy is one type of the system according to that the pooled land is utilized for the physical-social infrastructure developing.

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